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Legal advise.

Acording with the Spanish Law 34/2002, (July 11th), art. 10. the following general information is given:, TEYCI Agency
Owned by C. G. Donaire.
Tax Number: ES05279714-H
Villafranca, 4.28028- Madrid (Spain)
Tel: (+34) 91 576 45 33


By accepting these Purchase Policy and General Conditions, the User acknowledges the following:

a. The User has read, understood and agreed to the conditions set forth herein.
b. In case the User decides to purchase any product and/or service, the User has sufficient legal capacity to be bound by these General Conditions and Purchase Policy.
c. The User accepts to undertake and perform all of the obligations set forth herein.

ABOUT US. belongs to Agencia Teyci, the first company to sell tickets for bullfights though internet. We sold our first ticket though internet in year 2001. We are an authorized angency with all authoritations and permissions stablished by the Spanish Law. Our main office is placed 150 meters away from the bullring.

Using Ticketstoros, you can book on-line tickets for the 2 most important bullrings in Spain: Madrid Bullring Las Ventas.

All prices include a comission of 26% (24,2% legal commision + 1,8% of Bank commissions), minimum 10 euro per ticket.

The system for purchasing tickets on the internet complies with Spanish legislation and is deemed to be carried out in the office of the proprietor, Madrid.
Once entries are purchased, and as they relate to the celebration of the bullfights, all arrangements will be implemented according to the rules for public events, the conditions that apply to the corresponding Plaza de Toros, and which appear in the law and on the back of the tickets.

Our system of secure payment (TPV of Banco de Sabadell), guarantees the confidentiality and security of all customer information, making the ability to purchase tickets simple, automatic and quick. Entries can be paid for with commonly used credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, 4B and others.

The complete information (starting time, bullfighters and bulls) is not confirmed by the Plaza until approximately ten days before each event. In the case that the type of bullfight is changed int he last momment, we will provide tickets at the same price, and if that is not possible, we will pay the difference in cost, always throught internet, never in cash.

The announcements (starting time, bulls and bullfighters) are published on our website under information, without constituting any obligation on the part of In particular is not responsible for changes on the cartel (bullfighters).

In case of cancellation or suspension of the bullfight, we are prepared to arrange a reversal of the ticket charge. We would reimburse your credit card (never in cash) the official price of the entry, not the commissions. Tickets must be given back to Teyci´s office in the first 48 hours after the cancellation. Otherwise the money can´t be reimbursed.

Customers can cancel their purchase, but never less than 96 hours before the celebration of the festivity for which they have purchased tickets. In the event of a purchase cancellation, the credit card used to make the purchase will be reimbursed 75% of the total amount paid. Customers only need to send an email to with “Cancellation” in the subject heading. Cancellation requests must include the order number.

Collection of tickets is done the same day of the bullfight from 12,00 to 17,00 PM, or untill the beggining of the fight, in the case it starts later than 17,00 PM. . 1.- For all event in Madrid: IN MADRID: TEYCI´s office located in 4 Villafranca Street, 150 meters away from the Plaza de Toros de Madrid Las Ventas.

To collect the tickets, present your passport, other identification or the receipt of the purchase or the confirmation sent by email after the order is made. Tickets can be collected by persons other than the purchaser: to do this, the purchaser must send an email to indicating the name of the person who will be collecting the, willing to help our customers, is entittled to deliver better tickets (closer to the arena) than those booked by the customer.
CUSTOMER DATA. guarantees the security and confidentiality of all data provided to us. The data will not be used for anything beyond what is necessary to provide information related to the bullfights for which you have purchased the tickets. In no case will personal data be given to other persons or businesses, nor used for purposes other than those already displayed on this website.
CUSTOMER SERVICE AND RESOLUTION OF INCIDENTS. puts at the disposal of our customers a personalized customer service, which can be utilized by sending an email to to address whatever questions, doubts or suggestions you want to make to improve our service. We continue to study and improve our ways of properly addressing any incidents in service that may occur.

Tratamiento de Datos de Clientes

Tratamiento de datos de clientes.

Responsable: Identidad: Cesar Gonzales Donaire, titular de – NIF: 05279714h  Dir. postal: Villafranca 4 , local comercial. 28023 Teléfono: 915764533   Correo elect:

“En nombre de la empresa tratamos la información que nos facilita con el fin de prestarles el servicio solicitado, realizar la facturación del mismo. Los datos proporcionados se conservarán mientras se mantenga la relación comercial o durante los años necesarios para cumplir con las obligaciones legales. Los datos no se cederán a terceros salvo en los casos en que exista una obligación legal. Usted tiene derecho a obtener confirmación sobre si en Cesar Gonzales Donaire, titular de y estamos tratando sus datos personales por tanto tiene derecho a acceder a sus datos personales, rectificar los datos inexactos o solicitar su supresión cuando los datos ya no sean necesarios.

En ningún caso se utilizarán sus datos personales para ofrecerle productos ni servicios relacionados, ni se utilizarán para fidelizarlo como cliente.m

Frecuently asked questions

This is a basic guide about how to buy tickets for bullfighting, after our 50 year experience. These are the Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Wich is the best way to book my tickets for a bullfight?
The best way is booking the tickets with us, some weeks or some months before the fight. The tickets will be waiting for you at Teyci´s office the same day of the bullfight, from 11:00 AM till the beginning of the fight.

2. Can I print the tickets?
No, our tickets are already printed and can´t be printed by you.

3. Can I get my tickets delivered to my Hotel?
Yes, when filling up the form, you must select Office Pick Up or hotel delivery.

4. Are my tickets together?
All tickets are numerated, there are assigned seats. All tickets booking in the same order line are always together. If you can select, for exemple, 20 tickets in a single line, the 20 tickets will be together. If you book 20 tickets separatelly, they can be together or not.

5. What do “Sombra”, “Sol”, “Sol/Sombra” and Tendido  mean?
Sombra means Shade, Sol means Sunny Section, Sol/Sombra is a little part of the bullring, half in Sun, half in Shade. Tendido is the name of the most suitable rows (depending on the bullring, from Row 1 to Row 10 or 20 or more).

6. Most of the fights start at 19:00 PM. Should I book tickets in the sunny section?
The sun has been heating the tendidos for the whole day. From May to August, you can be in the sunny section at 40º or more. For children or aged people, booking tickets in the shade (sombra) is highly recommended.

7. Are there VIP tickets?
Yes, they are called Barreras (Front Row), Contrabarreras (Second Front Row), and Delanteras Bajas (Third Front Row). Please don´t consider tickets in the Sol as VIP tickets. They are not.

8. When does the season begin in Spain?
The season begins in mid-March and ends in mid-October.

9.What time do the bullfights begin?
The start of a bullfight is determined by the hours of sunlight, and is confirmed by the Plaza some weeks before each festivity. Normally, bullfights begin at 17:00 in March, gradually starting later, up until 19:00 in summer, and commencing around 17:30 in the autumn.

10. What is a “novillada” or “corrida de novillos”?
A novillada or corrida de novillos is a training fight, a bullfight between young bulls and matadors who have not yet become fully qualified. The prices are approximately half of those for the normal bullfights. In Madrid they still arouse a lot of excitement. If you arenot familiar with bullfighting, you willnot see the difference.

11. Can children attend the bullfight?
Yes, so long as they are accompanied by adults. There are no special prices for children.

12. How long does a bullfight last?
A bullfight can last from one and a half to two and a half hours (1 ½ – 2 ½ hours).

13. What happens if it rains?
The bullfight can still take place if it rains. Only in the case of hard, persistent rain would it be cancelled. If it is suspended before the beginning of that day’s bullfight, customers will always receive a refund of the ticket price at the respective location, done by submitting the tickets directly at the bullring. If they suspend the bullfight after it has already started (even if only one bull has been fought), there is no possibility of a refund. Less than a 1% of the bullfights are suspended because of the rain.

14. Can I enter after the bullfight has already started?
Yes, but only during the intervals between bulls.

15. Can I take photos?
Yes, there are no limitations on photography.

16. How much in advance should tickets be purchased?
The further in advance you buy your tickets, the greater the possibility for choosing the best seats.

Where to pick up the tickets

Our office is located in Villafranca 4, 150 meters away from the bullring.

Tickets are to be picked up the same day of the bullfight from 12:00 till 45 minutes after the starting time

During San Isidro Festival our office is open every day from 12.00 till 19:45.